This course will teach you:

- How to practice yoga with the children in the classroom in fun and engaging ways.

- 30+ fun yoga activities and how to create your own.

- How to use props and books to engage students in the practice of yoga.

- How to inject fun and make yoga digestible to children.

- Chair based yoga practices especially for kids; from asana & pranayama to mindfulness & meditation.

Included in the course:

- 30+ page comprehensive manual.

- Video lectures and practices.

- 5 complete class plans to take directly into your classroom

- A complete reference library of chair yoga stickmen

- 3 Virtual Friendly class plans & virtual class guidance

yoga in the classroom training

Hi I am Maria, your course tutor.

I am a Health & Fitness Professional (BSc), yoga teacher and therapist (over 800h of training)

I have been teaching yoga to children for over 4 years in schools and classrooms. In these years I have watched children benefit greatly from my practices of yoga and feel centered, confident and calm.

I bring you tried and tested ways that make yoga digestible to children and help them engage fully in their practice and ultimately in their learning.

For school teachers, kids yoga teachers & yoga teachers

Counts towards 4h of continuous professional development - Certificate provided upon completion.

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Vickie - Bristol
Beautifully Orchistrated!

Maria's has beautifully orchestrated a course that is refreshing, tangible and easy to digest and take into the classroom with the children.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course, and will continue to refer back to the resources, and sample sequences to bring authentic and fun yoga to the children.

Grace - Limerick

I recently enrolled on The Yoga in the classroom course and I am very happy that I did. This course has so much helpful information in it, from the why to the how-you'll definitely feel confident in leading your own yoga in the classroom sessions after this comprehensive course. There are tons of ideas and a whole sessions on props for teaching too. I thoroughly recommend.

Kim - Aberdeen
Just amazing!

Maria has a wealth of knowledge and a great way of teaching. I first met Maria at a school while working alongside a child and have caught the yoga bug from her.

She is so inspirational, full of fun, very supportive and dedicated to her classes and teaching. Just amazing!

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